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Golf Membership Options

Foxfire Resort & Golf Club

Whether you have been golfing your entire life, or have just started to appreciate the game, Foxfire Resort & Golf Club offers a membership option that suits you. Our challenging course and friendly staff ensures that our members will enjoy bringing guests out for a drink, a meal or a round.

We encourage you to tour our facility, and welcome any questions you may have. For additional information about pricing and our application process, please contact Jeff Cowell, Head Golf Professional, at (910) 295-5555.

Membership Privileges Include: (print version)

2015 Club of the Sandhills Membership Pricing


Annual Dues
One Time Payment
Montly Dues Monthly ***Cart Plan Dues Monthly Trail
Fee Dues
*Full Family Golf
(Includes Husband, Wife, and any child 23 or under living at Home)
$2,986.00 $249.00 $180.00 $167.00
*Full Single Golf $2,341.00 $195.00 $130.00 $117.00
*JR Executive Family
(Ages 23 to 39 Oldest Spouse)
$2,142.00 $179.00 $180.00 $167.00
*JR Executive Single
(Ages 23 to 39)
$1,752.00 $146.00 $130.00 $117.00
Legends Family Golf
(Includes Husband and Wife 75 or Older - Either Spouse)
$2,683.00 $224.00 $145.00 $132.00
*Legends Single Golf
(75 or Older)
$2,104.00 $175.00 $120.00 $107.00
Social Membership $750.00 NA NA NA
Range Family $310.00 NA NA NA
Range Single $260.00 NA NA NA

*Active Duty Military Options
***NC Sales tax will be added to cart plans only, not trail fees


Club Resignations require a 60 day written notice. Members are responsible for all applicable fees during the 60 day notice period. Annual pre-paid dues are non-refundable in the case of resignation. Any annual member who resigns from the club during the annual term and subsequently wants to rejoin the club can do so only after paying back dues and fees from the balance of that annual term. All dues are billed in advance. Prices are subject to change.